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Nibiru & December 2012 – What Are We to Believe?

The world will surely end in December 2012. Or at least, this is the consensus of many disparate groups who believe certain portends are pointing to the inevitable destruction of civilisation in the very near future. Some point to a combination of factors: ancient prophesy; strange events; celestial movements; decadence and un-godliness of modern societies; and turning points in ancient calendars.

Among these, many have worthwhile claims to warrant further examination. For instance, it is largely irrefutable that a significant moment in the cycle of the calendar of the ancient Mayan people of Central America will occur on December 21st 2012.

The Long Count, one of the major cycles of this calendar, will for the first time in over 5,000 years revert to its starting point. The Mayans were particularly superstitious when even the minor cycles of the calendar reached their starting point approximately every 52 years so an event of this seldomness may well warrant some foreboding!

At the other end of the likelihood scale, however, are contentions that a rogue planet, known as Planet Nibiru or alternatively Planet X, is likely to collide or sufficiently interfere with the orbit of Earth in 2012 as to end life as we know it. Having reviewed the available evidence for this, it is difficult not to conclude that this particular theory has benefited from the general sense of fear and dread surrounding 2012, more so than adding significantly to it.

The Planet Nibiru theory purports that a planetary object about four times the size of Earth will come into orbital contact with Earth. While a collision between the two planets would obviously be catastrophic, it would also be sufficient for an object of that size merely to come into Earth’s orbital sphere for it to have a gravitational effect that could disrupt life here in many ways we would struggle to recover from. One suggestion is that the Poles on which the Earth’s axis rotates would physically shift for the North and South Pole to different locations around Earth, with drastic consequences.

The original proposer of this theory is Nancy Leider, an American woman who claims to have contact with extra-terrestrial a decade ago that led to her receiving information about Planet X, or Planet Nibiru. She told the world to expect this cataclysmic event to occur in 2003. When it did not, her claim was that she had intentionally given a false date to throw some sceptics off the scent of the real date. One would have to conclude however that the lack of a collision in 2003 has only served to weaken the theory, not to mention enrage anyone who took her word for it at the time and gave everything away to charity in anticipation of the big event.

For now, those who express scepticism about this or other such civilisation-ending events will continue to be accused of being part of a conspiracy to cover up the inevitable to avoid widespread panic. Which makes the input of the likes of NASA, who state that no such planet exists or is on its way, one that you will have to decide upon: the sane voice of scientific reason of conspirator-in-chief?!

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